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Sleep-Tite bed bug removal is your source for professional bed bug extermination in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

We use multiple cutting-edge methods to ensure 100% bed bug removal the first time. Our safe, proprietary gas reaches into every square inch of your home (including cracks and crevices) where bed bugs hide. It kills bed bugs in all stages of their life cycle including their eggs. In fact, it is acknowledged by the Center for Disease Control to have a 100% kill-rate, and is effectively the best method to get rid of bed bugs fast.

This process is completely safe for your home and all your belongings, but the home must be empty for 6-8 hours during the bed bug removal process. It leaves zero residue on counters or tables, and after the bed bug treatment, you can safely return without any concerns.

We don’t use chemicals that are harmful to children or pets.

All of our treatment methods are eco-friendly and environmentally safe. When you hire Sleep-Tite, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that a true bed bug expert is on your side


Why Choose Sleep-Tite?

Sleep-Tite will inspect your house or business to determine the source and best approach to end your bed bug infestation. There are some bed bug look-alikes and you don’t want to pay for an inconvenient and unnecessary treatment for the wrong issue in your house. Let us show you we can quickly and totally solve your bed bug problem.

The Sleep-Tite Advantage

  • Bed Bugs Eliminated the First Time

  • Uses Proprietary, Eco-Friendly Gas

  • Covers Entire Home

  • Easy 6-8 Hour Treatment

  • 30-Day Guarantee

  • No Cost If Follow-Up Needed

  • Kid & Pet-Safe Chemicals

  • Military & Senior Discounts

Offensive Bed Bugs Found in Plymouth Meeting?

Bed bugs are a growing problem in the United States, even in the Plymouth Meeting, PA region. If you have them, you want them gone now and completely. A solution that is not a hundred percent effective just is insufficient. Sleep-Tite guarantees to kill all the bed bugs with one treatment. Our proprietary treatment finds those bed bugs wherever they are and kills them dead.

100% Bed Bug Removal in Plymouth Meeting, PA

Why do you need 100% eradication? Bed bugs are fast breeders and live in small spaces that are hard to reach. Adult females may lay up to five eggs every day. Any bed bugs that survive a treatment will keeping laying more eggs and re-infest your house within a week or so. Bed bugs are known to be able to lie dormant for over a year and re-emerge if they sense food.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did I get bed bugs?

Bed bugs are skilled hitchhikers. They can find a ride inside suitcases, duffel bags, or even your shoes where they are right beside their next meal. They can ride to your Morrisville home with you by hiding inside old furniture, carpets, boxes, or clothing. You can clean up and vacuum all you want. It doesn't matter. While you're cleaning, they're hiding. Bed bugs come from anywhere: from a nearby house, from a motel or hotel stay, from luggage, or rugs that you bought at a yard sale.

How long do bed bugs live?

Bed bugs have five growth stages on their journey to full maturity. The adult female is able to produce 200-250 eggs during her mature phase. The nymphs emerge from their eggs 6-10 days after being laid and immediately start looking for their first blood meal. Bed bugs shed their exoskeletons at each stage of growth. Bed bugs can survive without a food source anywhere from 20 to 400 days depending on the temperature and humidity. Larger, more mature bed bugs have a higher survival rate.

Where do bed bugs live?

Bed bugs are nocturnal so you won't see them out during the day. In daylight hours, they crawl into small cracks and crevices, behind baseboards, under switch plates, behind picture frames, loose wallpaper, or under door and window casings. A leg joint on a dresser, the frame on your bed, a love seat or a cushion are all ideal hiding places for bed bugs and eggs. Bed bugs can stay dormant for more than a year if they have no food available.

How can I tell if I have bed bugs?

Since bed bugs are nocturnal, you probably won't see them crawling around while you are awake. However, you may see a few red marks around your neck, armpits, or waist in the morning. The bites are so small that you may think it's simply a rash. If you have an allergic reaction to the bites they could appear as hives. Remember, you must eliminate 100% or the existing bed bugs, or they will just keep coming back.

Bed Bugs: Common Misconceptions

Bed bugs aren't only found in beds.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere in the home including couches, carpet, picture frames, throw pillows, light sockets, and more. When it comes to survival, bed bugs know hiding is best.

Bed bugs aren't microscopic.

Bed bugs can be seen by the naked eye. They are easily recognizable by their reddish/brownish coloring and are roughly the size of a sunflower seed kernel.

Bed bugs don't mind clean places.

Bed bugs do not have a preference on cleanliness when it comes to finding a place to live. In fact, you can bring a bed bug home from the movies, a dressing room, upscale hotels, and other places.

How does Sleep-Tite’s Plymouth Meeting, PA bed bug removal system work?

Sleep-Tite will inspect your house or business in Plymouth Meeting to determine the source and best approach to end your bed bug infestation. There are some bed bug look-alikes and you don’t want to pay for an inconvenient and unnecessary treatment for the wrong issue in your house. Let us show you we can quickly and totally solve your bed bug problem.

Call Sleep-Tite today and let us get rid of those bed bugs once and for all. If for any reason our treatment isn’t 100% effective we will re-treat absolutely free. We want you to get a good night sleep, and not let those bed bugs bite.

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Jennifer L.

I must admit: I tried Sleep-Tite because they were so much cheaper and now am so glad I did. Several days after they serviced my house, I saw a bedbug and freaked out! I called, and they sent someone out the SAME DAY and took care of any remaining bugs for FREE!

Lisa B.

Sleep-Tite is a Godsend! I did not have the time to do all the prep work that’s required by the other places I called. As, a working single mother of 5 small children, I was very frustrated. Rob & Larry came in and took care of everything, and I came back to a home that was cleaner than when I left!

J. Willams

The Sleep-Tite crew helped us out, big time! They were clean and efficient, and had the place cleaned out from the bed bugs in no time. I am so happy with their service. I highly recommend them! If anyone else comes to me with a bedbug problem, I will gladly send them to Sleep-Tite!


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